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Continuum Music Season 1


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[101] A Stitch In Time

Piano Concerto No. 20 In D Minor by Mozart

Kiera, Greg and friends discuss Liber8 & the Corporate Congress.

Pins On A Line by Christopher Smith

Kiera wanders the streets & changes the appearance of her clothing.

Nuclear Family by Sweatshop Union

Kiera has Alec research Lucas's grandparents.

Pillars and Pyre by Christopher Smith

Kiera thanks Carlos; Alec & Kiera discuss what happened at the bank robbery.

[102] Fast Times

These Lines Are Drawn In Black by Elizabeth

Kiera & Alec chat while she's in an elevator.

Sadder Days by Kyprios

Kiera asks Alec for help while Carlos interrogates her.

Ground Shake by Dirty Radio

Alec talks Kiera through driving a car.

Where The River Bends by Matthew Barber

Carlos takes Kiera back to the station, where she's booked; Alec works on creating a cover for Kiera as Betty tries to track his location; Kiera watches as Dr. Fraser is reunited with his wife; flashback of Kiera arguing with her husband after tucking her son into bed; Betty shows Dillon the information she found on Kiera.

[103] Wasting Time

If Anything by No Sinner

Sonya knocks out a man while seducing him.

That Ain't Today by Jesse Peters

Kellog joins Kiera at a diner to offer her a deal, then disappears as Carlos arrives.

The Great Rhyme Dropper by Grand Analog

Alec plays video games while helping Kiera search for the DNA profile match.

Lead The Way by Sweatshop Union ft DJ Revolution

Kiera calls Alec for help with tracking Kellog.

[104] Matter Of Time

Just A Puzzle by Capitol 6

Alec watches Kiera put on mascara.

I See Trouble by Rich Hope

Sonya & Jasmine beat up a pair of drug dealers.

Lights by Grasscut

Kagame looks around 2012 Vancouver.

Flash Lightnin' by Flash Lightnin'

Sonya & Travis lounge in bed then see the story on Kagame.

[105] A Test Of Time

All Alone by Pat Caird Orchestra

Kellog tells Kiera why Kagame is trying to kill her grandmother.

Swallow Me Up by Hilary Grist

Lily takes a pregnancy test & Kiera reassures her that her life is not ruined; flashback to Kiera taking a pregnancy test & telling Greg the results.

Where We Are by Billy The Kid

Kellog takes Lily & her boyfriend away on his boat; Alec hesitates to join his family for dinner; flashback to Kiera's son returning a necklace given to her by Lily.

[106] Time's Up

Undone by Transientworld

Julian joins the Crazy Horse anarchists.

Loudness by The Jolts

Crazy Horse joins the Occupiers and starts smashing windows of the Exotrol building.

I'm On Fire by Stateless

Flashback to Kiera telling Greg about the food thefts; Carlos tells Kiera that Kagame won't play then again; Liber8 symbols are spraypainted on the side of a building.

[107] The Politics Of Time

Eyes Of A Stranger by A-Train

Flashback to Kiera, Greg, Trevor & Vicky celebrating Greg's new job; Trevor follows Kiera into the ladies bathroom.

The Great Collapse by The Zolas

Alex advises Kiera to ask Carlos out to dinner.

Black Is The Colour Of My True Love’s Heart by Neverending White Lights

Flashback to Kiera asking Greg about the affair he had with Vicky; Greg tries to apologize for his pre-marital indiscretions while Kiera cries in the final flashback.

[108] Playtime

Move On Me by Fink

Alec phones Kiera to see how she's doing, then he finds a message in her old memory files.

[109] Family Time

You And Me by Jono McCleery

Carlos tells Kiera he trusts her despite the lies.

Summer Sleeps by Patrick Watson

Kiera confesses to Kellog that she was present when his sister died.

[110] Endtimes

Wide River To Cross by Diana Krall

Jason shows Kiera his time machine; Kiera asks Kellog if he had anything to do with the explosion.

Continuum music list adapted from continuumtheseries.com

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