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Arrow Music Season 1


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[101] Pilot

Hurricane II by Ume

Oliver gives Thea a hozen, then they're interrupted by Tommy's arrival.

C'Mon Doll by My Goodness

Tommy tells Oliver about his funeral & proposes a welcome home bash.

Work Hark Play Hard by Tiesto

Oliver arrives at his welcome home bash.

We Are The Champions by Queen

Oliver gets up on stage.

Blow (Cirkut Remix) by Ke$ha

Oliver tells the crowd he missed tequila.

Outlaw by Jeremy Thurber

Hunt comments on the party across the street to his head of security.

Gloryhole by The Trust

Laurel & Oliver step away from the party to talk.

Playing In The Dark by Jeremy Thurber

Diggle tries to steer Oliver back to the party.

Babes by Icky Blossoms

The police shut down the party.

Levels by Avicii

Tommy confronts Oliver about having his party near Hunt's building.

Apparitions by The Raveonettes

Laurel & Tommy chat about their relationship.

[102] Honor Thy Father

Candy Machine Gun by Haley Bonar

Oliver tells Laurel he realized he hurt her by pushing her away.

Ophelia On My Mind by Alberta Cross

Oliver tells Laurel about his mom's plan for him to join the company.

[103] Lone Gunmen

Beat And The Pulse (Still Going Remix) by Austra

Oliver & Tommy ditch Diggle at the entrance to club Poison.

Dark Star (Marco Hawk Remix) by Polica

Oliver & Tommy run into Laurel, then a drunk Thea at the club; Oliver has a confrontation with Max Fuller.

[104] An Innocent Man

Sparkly by Young Magic

Oliver gives Laurel leverage on Jason Brodeur.

[105] Damaged

You're Gonna Love This by 3OH!3

Oliver's 'Prison Party' starts.

Professional Griefers by Deadmau5 ft Gerard Way

Oliver leaves the party to talk with Diggle.

Here We Go (Geronimo) by Jeremy Thurber

Laurel shows up at the party & asks to have a word with Oliver.

Xoxo by Jeremy Thurber

Oliver gets a call from Diggle.

[106] Legacies

Die Life by The Soft Moon

Oliver trains Diggle.

One More Night by Maroon 5

Oliver & Diggle agree to a plan; Tommy compliments Laurel, then thanks Thea for her advice; Laurel & Tommy catch up with Carter.

Keep You by Wild Belle

Moira expresses her disappointment in Oliver; Diggle informs Oliver about the next location to be hit.

Wildest Moments by Jessie Ware

Tommy turns down Thea's drunken advances.

Be The Song by Foy Vance

Laurel tells Tommy that she's not interested in Carter; Tommy drives Thea home.

Let It Go by Joshua Radin

Oliver takes his mom out for burgers.

[107] Muse Of Fire

Next To Me by Civil Twilight

Tommy shows up at Laurel's apartment with dinner, then asks her out on a date.

Forgiving Myself by Trent Dabbs and Amy Stroup

Helena & Oliver go out to dinner; she asks him about his time on the island.

I Heard The Party by Gem Club

Oliver finds Helena sitting at her fiance's grave.

Tourist by Yuna

Tommy tells Laurel about his dad cutting him off; Walter returns home and tells Moira he missed her.

Through The Deep Dark Woods by The Veils

Helena tells Oliver they're the same, then they kiss.

[108] Vendetta

Sometime by DIIV

Diggle's sister-in-law asks Oliver why Diggle isn't with him; Oliver & Helena discuss their different views on killing.

Blind (Salva Remix) by Rainbow Arabia

Tommy & Laurel complain about the wait for their table, then run into Oliver & Helena.

You And I by Washed Out

While at dinner, Laurel brings up the idea of Tommy working with Oliver on opening the club.

I Love It by Icona Pop ft Charli XCX

Tommy complains about Laurel going to Oliver for help, then Tommy suggests they end things.

Free Like You Make Me by Cary Brothers

Tommy apologizes to Laurel, then she explains why she thought asking Oliver for a job was a good idea.

Walls by Deer Tick

Diggle thanks his sister-in-law for calling him, then sits down to talk with Oliver.

[109] Year's End

Christmastime by Kari Kimmel

Oliver confronts Thea about the lack of a family Christmas party; Thea introduces Oliver to Shane.

O Christmas Tree

Shane arrives at the party with flower for Moira; Oliver wishes his family Merry Christmas and has a family photo taken; Tommy & Laurel arrive at the party.

Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas by Schuyler Fisk

Moira accuses Walter of lying to her ending his investigation into Robert's death; Laurel tells Oliver that his 'death' was holding her back from starting a new relationship.

Youth Without Youth by Metric

Oliver walks in on Thea making out with Shane; Thea tells Oliver their family will never be the same as it used to be.

[110] Burned

World On Fire by The Royal Concept

At the firemen benefit, Oliver interrupts Tommy & Laurel's kiss; Oliver questions Chief Raynes about the Nordell Tower fire and Garfield Lynns' death.

[111] Trust But Verify

Super Freak by GetCool

Two security guards drive while arguing over the music playing; continues as the security truck is attacked.

Girls by Peasant

Ted & Diggle talk about bodyguard work, then Diggle is introduced to Knox.

There and Back by Wolfgang Gartner

Thea gushes to Oliver about her new car & the club; Diggle informs Oliver that Ted couldn't have been involved with the latest heist.

Good Girl by Benny Benassi

Thea's friends give her a new drug called Vertigo.

Chinatown by Alex Gaudino

Thea confronts her mother about cheating on Walter.

Space Based by Designer Drugs

Thea loses control ofher car.

[112] Vertigo

One Last Look by Trent Dabbs

Laurel looks at an article about Thea as Tommy wakes up, then Oliver arrives and to asks Laurel for a favor.

[113] Betrayal

I Will Be Back One Day by Lord Huron

Laurel & Tommy's dinner date is interrupted by a phone call from The Hood.

[114] The Odyssey

No Commercial Music Used In This Episode.

[115] Dodger

Daylight by Maroon 5

Oliver, Diggle & Felicity talk over their plan to get the Dodger at Carly's diner.

You Bleed You by Lissy Trullie

Oliver finds Thea trying to find the identity of her mugger, then starts telling her about his date with McKenna; Thea calls Laurel about her mugger, Roy Harper.

Lay Your Cards Out by Polica

Over dinner, McKenna asks Oliver about his experiences on the island.

[116] Dead To Rights

Where The Kids Are by Blondfire

Oliver & McKenna join Tommy & Laurel for a dinner celebrating Tommy's birthday.

Late Night by Foals

Oliver tells McKenna about his plans for the club, then they talk about fitting a relationship into their busy lives.

[117] The Huntress Returns

Va Va Voom by Nicki Minaj

Helena approaches Gus in a strip club & asks him if he wants a dance.

Make My Body by Chain Gang of 1974

Helena questions Gus about her father.

One Problem Always Changes To Another by Scanners

Oliver shows McKenna around the club, then asks her if she'll be his date for the club opening.

Singularity by Steve Aoki ft Angger Dimas & My Name Is Kay

Steve Aoki DJs the Verdant club opening; Moira makes a toast to Verdant & tells Oliver she's proud of him; Laurel asks Tommy if he's okay; Thea asks Tommy if she talked to Roy about the job.

Transcend by Steve Aoki ft Rune RK

Oliver gets a note from Diggle as he's about to join McKenna.

Kiss Me by Ed Sheeran

McKenna tells Oliver that to make thing work the first thing to do is to find someone you never have to apologize to; they kiss.

[118] Salvation

Hate The Taste by Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

Thea & Roy's make-out session is interrupted by a visitor, then Thea asks him why he has a gun.

It's a Fine Day by Opus III

Thea is reunited with Roy at Verdant; Roy takes an arrow head out of his pocket.

Stay by Rihanna

Outside Verdant, Oliver tells Laurel that Tommy has already headed home, then asks her if everything is okay.

[119] Unfinished Business

Blow The Roof by Flux Pavillion

A woman parties at Verdant, then walks out into traffic and gets hit my a car.

The Wake Up by Little Children

Carly asks Diggle if he's okay; Diggle gets a call from Oliver.

Union by Deptford Goth

Quentin goes to Laurel's apartment and questions Tommy about the drugs and missing Verdant money.

Nothing Can Change This Love by Lisa Creahan

Laurel joins her father at a bar.

[120] Home Invasion

Rise Again by Uncle Daddy

While having dinner, Thea discovers that Roy stole a police radio.

[121] The Undertaking

Through The Walls by Gary Go

Felicity enters the club and heads to a gambling table.

Bleeding Love by Leona Lewis

Flashback to Oliver & Laurel having pizza and talking about moving in together.

Your Heart Keeps Burning by Adam Agin

Flashback to Moira trying to convince Robert & Oliver not to take his boat to China, then Oliver warning Sarah as Laurel arrives to say goodbye to her.

[122] Darkness On The Edge Of Town

In A Sense by Young Man

Thea informs Roy that the other archer seems to be connected to Merlyn Global.

Radioactive by Imagine Dragons

Oliver tells Laurel that she's more important to him than anyone; Tommy sees Oliver & Laurel kissing.

[123] Sacrifice

No Commercial Music Used In This Episode.

Arrow music list adapted from The CW

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